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Did you know? Africa is famous for its beautiful natural environments and engaging wildlife, mainly being home to the Big 5? Welcome to Big 5, your portal to all wildlife and safari news.

The African continent is definitely the main destination to be, it provides loads of great encounters for the whole family, and you will probably also use this site to help choose from our range of unique accommodations, safaris and animals to observe in the continent of Africa.

Amid these ventures is definitely the famous Big 5 Safari. Big 5 provide you with a wide range of excellent yet private safari and wildlife to be seen in Africa. This aspect of safari lodges virtually all over Africa presents you along with a diversified collection of accommodations and wildlife is breath-taking. The personal game reserves of South Africa offer you with a lodge encounter and Big 5 that will leave you in awe. In the Africa the choice of lodges, safaris and wildlife are endless. The country is definitely without a doubt a varied country and can boast about a world that has it all.

The Big 5 Sighting at Game Reserves?

The expectations of seeing the Big Five is a major reason for many people visiting game reserves within South Africa. The Big 5 , which includes the lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino, are an very important part of South Africa’s wildlife scenery. The Big 5 are just a handful of wild animals found in the African bush. Come to South Africa to see these incredible animals and other animals in their natural habitats. Visit a game reserve near you.

Check out at a number of suggested tours and safaris throughout South Africa. Have a look through and also in case you looking for something different have a glimpse via the website for South Africa lodges or safaris that will meet your certain requirements.

Find out what animals in Africa make up the Big 5.

Many people will wonder what animals make up the Big 5 of Africa. Why these animals were are chosen over the others, why they get the title of being the big five? Did they get their Big 5 status because they are big?

We will answer all these questions for you!



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